Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Textile Analysis

Experience the power of material classification with the textile identification demo case that can differentiate cotton, nylon, silk and polyester. 

Textile Detection

Where and how to use Senorics NIR spectroscopy technology? Have a look at our use case summaries to learn more.

What is spectroscopy?

In this article we explain what spectroscopy is and what the 4 steps of a spectroscopic measurement are.

What is chemometrics?

In this article, we give you a better understanding of what chemometrics is, what 2 phases are necessary  and how the creation of chemometric models works.

Comparison of different technologies

What are the differences between InGaAs, Silicon and Senorics chip? How does spectroscopy work with and without a dispersive element? Read this chapter to get the answers.

Lab spectrometer versus Senorics Chip

Have you ever wondered how measurements made by a lab spectrometer differ from those made by our SenoCorder Solid? Let’s take a closer look at this question…